Ceramic elephants. Clay, glazes.

Hand made ceramic elephant. Super & Unique Gift for any occasion. This is true Ukrainian elephant is made from a piece of white clay just completely handmade.

I feel funny and happy when I make such elephants. These elephants perfectly improve the mood and decorate the interior.

Home decor sculpture souvenir Ceramic elephant for a good mood and interior decoration. All my hand build pottery has it’s own personality which makes it a truly unique piece!

It glazed and fired in a kiln at high temperature 1060 º С (1940ºF, 1333,15 К) 2 times.
Exact repetition is impossible !!!
Color may vary from screen to screen.

Place the Ceramic elephant to watch often and you will always have a good mood.

You can choose your elephant in our store:https://www.etsy.com/shop/TyrsonCeramics?ref=hdr_shop_menu