some new angels

This is a handmade ceramic angel. It is made of white clay glazed and fired in a kiln at high temperature 1060 º С (1940ºF, 1333,15 К) 2…

some new elephants

This ceramic elephant is made of white clay and it was glazed. It was firing at a temperature 1100℃(2012℉) I got great pleasure from this work and I…

coffee cups and tea cups start in 2018

Coffee cups 150ml. Tea cups 350ml. Pottery wheel, clay, glaze. Added decorating by milk smoking Coffee cups   Tea cups  

coffee and tea cups

standing angels

This angel is made entirely by hand with a piece of white clay. It shot the first time in a kiln at 1000 ° C. Then it was…

small flying angels

Ceramic relief guardian angel to hang on the wall, for example above the door or bed. Made from light clay. It glazed and fired in a kiln at…

Ceramic elephants

Ceramic elephants. Clay, glazes. Hand made ceramic elephant. Super & Unique Gift for any occasion. This is true Ukrainian elephant is made from a piece of white clay…


Ангели весни 2017

angels «girls»

1100*С довжина 30-32см ширина 19-21см clay, glaze. firing temperature 1100 ° C. length of 30-32 cm. width 19-21sm. product cost 50 euros вартість в Україні 500 грн